Call for three (3) doctoral candidates positions

Call for three (3) doctoral candidates positions
In the context of the cooperation between the Department of Informatics of the Faculty of Technological Applications, TEI of Athens and the Department of Informatics of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Limoges for the joint Postgraduate Program Master-ISICG / TIM Master in “Informatics, Image Synthesis and Graphics Design” (Informatique, Synthèse d’Images et Conception Graphique − ISICG) with direction Internet and Multimedia Technologies (Technologies d’Internet et de Multimédia TIM)” – Call for MSc Master-ISICG / TIM, three (3) positions of new doctoral students are proclaimed in the following research areas:

PhD thesis proposal on:
Improved 3D building modeling using fusion of spatial multisource data and computational intelligence techniques
In the proposed thesis it is suggested to employ image processing and pattern recognition techniques on spatial multisource and multiresolution urban data in order to derive a set of probable line segments that correspond to prominent building boundaries. The set of edges/segments is then proposed to be connected so that to form closed building top-view boundaries following some AI method (e.g. CSP or Expert Systems) to finally arrive at a consistent 3D building block interpretation.
Research Laboratory of Advanced Systems Knowledge, Image and Information

Semantic modeling and geo-visualization of 3D urban environments, offering query support, navigation and spatial decision making.
The proposed thesis aims to develop appropriate data and knowledge representation as well as to apply visual analytics and geo-visualization methods aided by semantic technologies in order to support decision-making in urban virtual environments. The results will subsequently be employed in an integrated framework offering access, navigation and exploitation of 3D geo-referenced virtual content.
Research Laboratory of Advanced Systems Knowledge, Image and Information

Visual Navigation and Mapping for Indoor and Outdoor Environments
The main scope of the thesis is the development of a vision – based system that allows the autonomous localisation and navigation of mobile vehicles (ground, aerial or underwater) for indoor and outdoor environments, while simultaneously can provide an accurate 3d reconstruction of the surrounding scene. Additional extensions of this approach are the fusion of image data with existing GPS / INS data for accuracy purposes, or otherwise, the exploitation of available geospatial data (maps) for automatic georeferencing.
Research Laboratory of Geospatial Technology (Photogrammetry)

The doctoral candidates are enrolled at the partner university and prepare the dissertation in the research laboratories of TEI of Athens that are mentioned in the relevant field.
The language in which the dissertation is written is English (and French after an agreement with the supervisors).
The candidates should hold a relevant MSc degree (Master), preferably of the Master ISICG from Greece or France.
They should submit until 15 October 2015 a simple application to the Secretariat of the Postgraduate Program of Master ISICG / TIM of the Department of Informatics, Tel: (+30) 210 5385826, (+30) 210 5385312 Fax: (+30) 210 5910975
Mailing Address:
Secretariat ISICG Master / TIM, Department of Informatics, TEI of Athens / School of technological applications, Ag. Spyridonos & Palikaridi / PC 10122 Egaleo
Email Adresse:, or