The international character of the programme, certified by the common degree of a Greek and a French Higher Education Institute, offers increased local and international professional prospects.

The Master Programme aims mainly at professions related to digital image, computer graphics design as well as multimedia and internet technologies.

The areas of application of these technologies are numerous and in constant evolution, including web-based interactive applications with multiple use of graphical and multimodal information, educational applications, 3D applications in geosciences, biomedicine and product design and manufacturing.

The orientation of programme is equally appropriate towards a professional as well as a research or academic career.

Examples of business activity sectors addressed by Master ISICG:

  • Information Technology services of large scale enterprises
  • Services and technology provider companies in Information Technology
  • Communication and advertising companies
  • Small scale software companies
  • Freelance activity in Information Technology
  • Software houses specialising in applications for image synthesis, graphics design, video games, virtual reality, etc.


Example professional positions addressed by Master ISICG:

  • Teaching – Research Personnel in Informatics.
  • Project Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Information Technology solutions Engineer
  • Research Engineer
  • Multimedia Engineer
  • Software extension developer for image synthesis/processing applications, utility developer for video games, applications developer for real-time graphics, etc.